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I love him.

First off, hello. I'm new to this community and stuff. I'm new to LJ too, just joined last night.

I feel like this is a good place to type what I'm feeling...

There's this guy. I met him at the beginning of the last school year. FRom the beggining I started getting feelings for him, which grew and grew.

For a long, long time... I just thought of it as an innocent little crush. Love was something I had saved for a different man... one who broke my heart.

Recently, well... my affection for him is bigger than it ever has him. He's just the most amazing guy I've ever met... he's so kind and gentle, not to mention generous and caring... he's extremely intelligent, too... his hair is the best shade of dark brown there ever was, and his beautiful brown eyes are like soft pools of chocolate that I ache to get into. His voice is so soft and smooth, especially when he rolls R's... his smile is so wonderful and makes me want to smile rfight back, which is a rarity for me. He hugged me once... anbd it felt so warm, so very amazing... I'm not sure how else to describe it.

I didn't want to admit it. I really didn't. But I love him.

I want... so much... just to be able to hold him and never let go. I regularly have dreams about him... like one where I actually hung on to him and refused to let go, one where I told him about some of the bad things that were happening to me and he comforted me, one where I saved him from a trio of evil witches, one where he overthrew Obama and became President... the list goes on.

I want him to put his arms around me... and I'd give nearly anything for just one more hug from him...

He knows I like him now. I finally confessed to him... not out loud, but in the form of a note. We disscussed it... along with the school counselor. Of course, I knew from the moment I developed a crush on him that a romantic relationship between me and him made flying pigs look probable. He was still really nice, as always, and said he'd be friends with me. I felt fine then... but later on I just started to cry. A lot. I was filled with all sorts of confusing emotions.

Even now... I love him. I want to be with him so much... I'm so happy when I'm around him, which seems to be the only time I'm happy anymore. I stare at him all hour for the last hour of the day... I just can't take my eyes off him.

And he's my Spanish teacher.
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